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Apr 24th 2018

Good ol’ London summer! It usually lasts around two weeks. But, here in our great city we know how to make the most of it.

Every evening is different with multiple rooftop bars to soak up rays of sunshine, weekend trips away, street markets in full swing and barbeques galore!

Before all that rewarding leisure comes hard work.

As the curtain is drawn and another financial year comes to an end, new exciting chapters will begin.

Employers revaluate business and their employees. New strategies are implemented. Rolling up their sleeves they get back to work.

Inclusive of this more often than not involves recruitment with new prospective hires on the horizon.

Entering into spring and summer recruitment tends to hot up!

Another reason why recruitment during summer time is at its busiest is graduation, come May time students from all over the country will start looking for a summer job experience to back up their qualification.

So what does Bluetown do to stay on top of hot recruitment…?

  • Keep up to date with Market trends
  • Stay online 24/7
  • Stay organised
  • Invest time into their people this can be overlooked and is a great perk on offer
  • Incentivise! Incentivise! Teamwork! Teamwork!
  • Get the right cultural fit for your organisation – we have a bright mix. A great multicultural team add new dimensions to thought process.
  • We’d be the perfect advert for united colours of Benneton. Russian, German, Northerners, Portuguese, Swedish, Malaysian and not forgetting the man from Kent, oh and a vegan!
  • Coffee, cake and fun – you’re onto a winner. I mean who doesn’t like a cappuccino or Iced Latte
  • Listening and conversational skills – they’re both on par with each other
  • The perfect product – Having the perfect product, launching a brand new website and a portal for our Clients where the sky is always blue and full of aliens… there’s never a grey day in Bluetown.

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